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  • Hubei Promotion Got Warm Response

    On September 23, 2013, Investment Promotion   of 2014’ Guangzhou International Optics Fair was grandly held in Wuhan, Hubei. Heads of more than 40 local famous enterprises (such as Times Optics, Yingyi Optics, Baodao Optical, Jiashimei Glasses and Aier Ophthalmology) were personally present at this Roadshow.

    Hubei Promotion  was the first special investment attraction event launched for the  Purchaser Invitation for 2014’ Guangzhou International Optics Fair. Optical Industry Association of Hubei Province gave strong support and actively led members to assist the grand occasion altogether. On this Roadshow, not only many Wuhan-based members made overwhelming responses, but also glasses enterprises based in Jingmen, Wuxue, Anlu, Guangshui and other remote counties and cities also rushed for this golden opportunity.

    On this Roadshow, detailed introduction was made on features, highlights and a variety of publicity and investment attraction plans of 2014’ Guangzhou International Optics Fair to local optical retailers, and thorough exchanges were simultaneously carried out in order to get wise to operational characteristics and procurement demands of local enterprises. For different enterprises, Guangzhou International Optics Fair rendered purchasers with a range of featured quality services, which was enthusiastically acclaimed by entrepreneurs. Especially the creative VIP Club Services and on-event go-between for procurement partnership in echo with business needs attracted great attention of enterprises on the site. Upon the completion of this Roadshow, enterprises eagerly applied to join in Guangzhou International Optical Fair VIP Club to become VIP Members. They promised to participate in 2014’ Guangzhou International Optics Fair inaugurated on May 28, 2014.
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