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  • A Trip to Beijing for Advocacy of Guangzhou Optics Fair with Fruitful Results
    The 26th  China International Optics Fair (CIOF 2013) was held in a grand manner from September 7 to September 9, 2013 in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. Making full use of this opportunity of such a great event in Beijing exhibition industry, Li Mincong, the General Manager of Guangzhou Guangbai Real Estate CO., Ltd, which is the undertaker of Guangzhou International Optics Exhibition Fair, led a group of about 10 people in the Organizing Committee of the Fair to Beijing for the publicity and promotion of 2014 Guangdong International Optics Fair and has achieved fruitful results.

    The 26th  China International Optics Fair(CIOF 2013) is the largest scale of such events in Asia, featuring an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters and 770 participant exhibiting companies, of which foreign exhibiting companies accounted for around 30%. And about 50,000 purchasing agents were present at the Fair. This Fair represented not only a grand event in China’ Optics Industry, but also constituted a perfect opportunity to conduct publicity for inviting exhibiting companies and business for the 2014 Guangdong International Optics Fair.

    For this event, Guangzhou Guangbai Real Estate Co., Ltd. has set about the preparations for the publicity work at the Beijing Fair since August. Adopting a strategy of facilitating the invitation of exhibiting companies by invitation of business, the Organizing Committee of Guangdong Optics Fair has closely contacted various optical associations for the implementation of the visiting plans in Beijing. At China International Optics Fair, Mr. Li led in person his team to invite business and exhibiting companies for the 2014 Guangdong International Optics Fair. At the Fair, Mr. Li also had the privilege of meeting a number of optical exhibiting companies and associations, including Korean Optical Industry Support Center, Asian Federation of Optical Associations, Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association, Hubei OptometryOptical Association, Xinhe Spectacles Case Association, and Guangdong Province Optical Association and has successfully won the support of many optical associations that they will continue to support next year’s Guangdong International Optics Exhibition. Apart from claiming to organize a visiting group to the 2014 Guangzhou International Optics Fair, Xinhe Spectacles Association, in particular, will also expand its exhibiting scale and hope that the Organizing Committee will reserve in advance exhibiting area for Xinhe enterprises.

    As for publicity and inviting exhibiting companies, the staff members at the Organizing Committee of Guangdong International Optics Fair have elaborately presented and introduced this Fair to 50,000 purchasing agents and over 770 exhibiting companies present by giving introduction meetings, visiting the enterprises one by one, and distributing brochures and little gifts. This has been warmly received as evidenced by the fact that more than 20 enterprises (including Guangzhou Jiashimei Optical Co., Ltd, New Century, Danyang Hongrun Optical Co., Ltd, and Guangdong Longfeng Software Management Co., Ltd) have signed participation contracts for the 2014 Guangdong International Optics Fair, amounting to approximately 50 standard exhibition booths.


    This trip to Beijing has been very fruitful and produced expected results. The Organizing Committee of Guangzhou International Optics Fair will further promote the invitation of business and publicity for the 2014 Guangdong International Optics Fair so that more professional buyers can be attracted to attend the Fair next year.
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