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  • 2013 Guangzhou International Optics Fair Came to a Successful Ending
    On the afternoon of May 29, 2013 Guangzhou International Optics Fair came to a successful ending. The 3-day fair won great support from glasses industrial associations at home and abroad, as well as governments of famous glasses manufacturing bases. There were more than 150 domestic and foreign glasses enterprises, covering nearly 500 brands, attending the fair.
    There were over 15,000 professional buyers within the three days, including big buyer from more than 30 countries, such as America, Russia, EU, South Africa, Brazil, India, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, etc. As well as those from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    Three features of exhibitors

    The Second Guangzhou International Optics Fair was held in Poly World Trade Center whose facilities were better than that of last fair. It covered an exhibition area of 11,000 square meters. It attracted 500 famous enterprises from China and overseas, presenting various high-tech products, such as final products of glasses, frames, lenses, accessories, equipment and machinery. Compared with the first fair, 2013 Guangzhou Optics Fair possessed three features:
    • Firstly, the geographic scope of exhibitors covered more areas. Besides the exhibitors from Danyang of Jiangsu, Duqiao of Zhejiang, Shenzhen of Guangdong, Yingtan of Jiangxi, Hong Kong, the fair also gained attention from Yujiang of Jiangxi, Xinhe of Hebei and other glasses manufacturing bases.
    • Secondly, there was a wider range of brands. Apart from Charmant, Jaguar, Seiko that attended the last fair, new comers of this fair included high-quality domestic and foreign brands, such as S.T Dupont, Topcon, Xiyanghong, Maochang.
    • Thirdly, the exhibition scale of big brands was larger. The exhibition area of Shanghai Kingstyle Optical Co., Ltd. increased by 100% over the last fair. Xiamen Shangjie Glasses that attended the fair for its first time used a booth area of nearly 100 square meters. In terms of overseas enterprises, the exhibition scale of South Korea significantly increased by 300%.  

    Three themed activities showed the brand feature of the fair

    We planned three themed activities this year, which are Buyer Night Party, Optical Fashion Show and Expert Forum. Fair meeting the actual demand of buyers and trying best to improve the brands. Buyer Night Party showed the hospitality of the organizing committee of Guangzhou International Optics Fair and it was a new measure to show our thanks to buyers support.  
    The Fashion Show was a platform provided by the fair and its area of showcase stage increased by 30% over the first fair. More than 20 famous brands at home and abroad, including Charmant, Dupont, Kingstyle, Balong, etc., showed their fashions and leading glasses to audience. Meanwhile, the fair also invited Ding Baogen who was the legal adviser of Guangzhou Optics Association and Qi Changfeng who was the senior marketing management expert of Shanghai Schuman Optical Co., Ltd. to give their seminars. Thanks to practical contents and new ideas delivered by these seminars, no vacant seats can be seen on the Forum and these seminars won high praise from exhibitors. 


    Three considerate services won praise from clients

    This fair continuously provided efficient, convenient, comfortable and preferential experiences to exhibitors and buyers. Firstly, free lunch tickets were handed out to exhibitors in the fair. These set-lunch meals with high quality reduced exhibitors’ costs and it was also a creative service in Chinese glasses industry. Secondly, VIP service zone was set up to provide free drinks to exhibitors and buyers. Thirdly, free shuttle buses, hotel booking and other considerate services were provided to eliminate buyers’ transport and accommodation troubles.  
    The grand success of 2013 Guangzhou International Optics Fair symbolized our continuous progresses in terms of services providing for glasses industry. We will try the best to build Guangzhou International Optics Fair into a world-wide famous annual event.


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